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Formerly named “Tech Principal Deep Dive”

I am Harry Sarshogh, thanks for visiting my website.

My purpose of “Tech Principal Pathways” is to share my personal experience to IT community as I’d like to become an insightful Technology Principal in my career.

I have been through this journey since I was a novice software developer back in 2010. In early of my carrer, I used to ask questions from myself like “how tech companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM,… can build such a great software products while we were constantly failing to do so in ACS (my first workpalce”?

Thanks to my great curiosity and my analytical brain, I am still making progress toward my goal to make a solid resource for shaping some pictures of pathways for software to speed up their carer in this regards.
Luckily, during my career, I met a lot of intelligent engineers who I learned from them a lot, and special thanks to Thoughtworks where I managed to practice software and cloud engineering more in depth and breadth and made me ready to be in job position I like now. Hence, still accumulating more knowledge around possible pathways it will be a long way get there, I found it important to document what I learn everyday during my time as Application Architecture role

One of the sections of my posts which is to discuss and publish my opinion around technical books I have read and provide my insights around them and share them with tech community.

I hope sharing my experience here helps other people to grow.