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Preperation for Architect Role

Recently I’ve been promoted as technology architect (both software and cloud architect). I found it quite hard to find a best way to describle what is my duties about before start day! I feel,performaing as technology architect can be quite confusing journey specailly when you are starting this career in a completely brand new work place.

Hence, decided to search around and study some books and find out other people’s experience in this role.

I’d like to start with first series of articles about how to prep myself one week before starting my job.

One thing happens naturally in my head is that I think about what a big picture/puzzle looks like for an Technology Architect someone who is competente in of both software architecture and cloud architecture and then what pieces of that puzzle I need to find, learn and make myself aware within the time and effort I can put.

Luckily, based on TEDx Talk The first 20 hours – how to learn anything by Josh Kaufman , which I agree with him, I can find that big picture just by spending two three days to read as much as I can and teach myself with any available resoures I find as quickly as possible to shape the boundry of Software Architecture for my need.

My personal experience

Preperation for Software/Cloud Architecture Role
I'd like to start taking these steps for the preperation period: 


  1. Study online cources 
     * writing a page here with short description as my take aways

  2. Study related Articles and Books
     * giving me my opinion about each resrouce
     * pointing out to key practical approach in each

  3. Find out what are the key activiity needed for this role
     * explaining what actions I like to do 

  4. Practicing an imaginarey context
     * applying what I learnt into practice with a sample project

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